Special Requests

Some of the best Tessasaurus episodes have been responses to specific requests (for example Meena’s “When are you going to draw me a camel?”). Add a comment if you have any requests.

Posted by Tess on October 16th, 2007 6 Comments »

6 Responses to “Special Requests”

  1. beckmart Says:


  2. jjlin Says:

    Can you draw the eponymous Tessasaurus?

  3. Dan Says:

    hackosaurus on the bus

  4. Adam Lasnik Says:

    Lemurs, please.

    Doing what? Um, I don’t know, maybe…
    …playing Freebird?
    …dressed up like Britney Spears?

    Okay, okay, I’ll stop :)

  5. ginthefer Says:

    I just wanted to let you know that I used one of your drawings in a blog post of mine. I linked to your drawings under the pic.


  6. Ry-nocerous Says:

    How do I get permission to view the content of this site….it won’t let me click on the pictures. Can i request to be your friend or soemthing. I like your rudimentary artwork, it’s cute.


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