Who are you?

I am Tessa MacDuff.  You can begin your internet stalking here.

So, why crayons?

Mostly it’s that I like the way a crayon feels when it glides across paper. There is a lot of tactile feedback about how hard or light you are pressing, so it’s easy to be precise with shading. I also like the crayon smell – it brings back happy memories of play school.

One sort of unexpected perk of drawing with crayons is that they make your art look like a kid’s drawing. And we’re all trained to see kids’ drawings as “cute” and “imaginative”, even when they are really crappy.  So I think it makes me (and you) less critical.

Why don’t you post more often?

This blog started as something I’d do when I was waiting for code to compile.  In the last couple years the build system at work has gotten much better so I don’t have as many spare moments to doodle.

Also, I have a doggy now and she’s often more fun than a box of crayons. (I know, it’s crazy.  But she’s that awesome.)

Wow, how did you come up with the idea for that post?

I dunno.  It just made sense to me…

I have a great idea that you should draw!

Fantastic!  Post a comment on the Special Requests!

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