A Brief History…

The name Tessasaurus was first uttered by a little boy that I used to babysit when I was in high school.  We’d often pretend to be screeching raptors that clawed each other’s guts out.  Eventually he just started referring to me as “The Tessasaurus”.  It was during this time that I also began preferring crayons as an art medium.

The Tessasaurus GalleryOver the next six years I learned to program and found myself working as a Software Engineer.  If you’ve ever done this work, you know that it involves furious spurts of typing followed by tedious interludes of waiting (for code to build/compile/run).  I, being a very distractible person, would spend these interludes doodling on scraps of paper with crayons.  The drawings I liked best often ended up taped on the wall behind my monitor, the rest strewn about my desk.

One day Dan suggested I make this little hobby a little more seriously and begin posting them on a blog.  At first I was worried that the pressure to be creative or funny would ruin it, but eventually I decided to give it at try.  And so it began…

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  1. Jenny Says:

    Hi Tessasaurus
    Glad you are back! While I’ve loved the Ada photos I’ve missed your drawings!
    Look forward to more of your colonial’s interpretation of the Queen’s English!

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