#23 Half Marathon

Today at about 10 am PST I completed my first 30 before Thirty. I finished my very first half marathon in just under 2 hours!

23. Half Marathon

Look familiar?

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Posted by Tess on October 3rd, 2010 | Filed in 30b430, inspired, self-portrait

3 Responses to “#23 Half Marathon”

  1. John (Dad) Says:

    Hooray for you! Longest I ever ran was 1 mile. Best time was just under 5 minutes. 13+ at 8 min/mile make my feet hurt to think about. Hope you had a good time running. Will there be pictures?

  2. John (Dad) Says:

    Great smile. Dr. Rice would be pleased!

  3. Tess Says:

    They just posted pictures. Unfortunately they are all really small and grainy. Still might order one since it was such an accomplishment.

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